Accelerate Your Kubernetes Journey

Deploy production grade workload in minutes without the need to learn Kubernetes.


Deployment Freeze

Schedule deployment freeze windows that prevent deployments from occurring during specified time periods.


Bring Standardization & Consistency

Repeatable & Consistent Kubernetes infrastructure across your organization to ensure operational reliability.


Seamless Multi Cloud

Deploy to any public cloud. 1-click integration to Cloud Services. Save months of integration efforts.


Solve Operational Issues Faster

Unified Observability at the lowest cost.


Lower Your Risks

Zero configuration drift, Continuous Compliance, Governance & Cost Recommendations.

image provides the Opinionated Kubernetes Operations Platform that accelerates Kubernetes adoption in your organization. With very minimal learning curve and a simple intuitive user experience helps

DevOps/Platform teams ensure all Kubernetes deployments are standardized, consistent and adhere to their organization’s governance requirements. Central teams can offer a self-service experience to business team to deliver applications faster to customers.

Developers deploy their applications to Kubernetes without the need to learn Kubernetes and dealing with its complexities. Developers get tailor-made experience to deploy various workloads (such as Microservices, Data) faster and stay productive.

Service Providers streamline ops and create new business opportunities, manage 1 or 1000+ customers with ease, and run production Kubernetes Ops Fast.

Features you need to accelerate your Kubernetes journey


Integrated Approval & Notification Flows

Integrates with DevOps tools across your tech stack to automate how you build, test, and deploy applications. From infrastructure provisioning, secrets management, portfolio management, and approval workflows.


Unified Observability

Unified view of your Observability data in a single pane to troubleshoot issues faster. Hold Terabytes of Observability Data at the lowest cost.


Govern Centrally

Standardized & Repeatable Kubernetes and Cloud deployments. Centralized policy management. Sail your Kubernetes journey with confidence.


1-Click Cloud Integration

Seamlessly connect workloads to Cloud Services. Save on weeks of Cloud integration efforts and quickly take your apps live.


Kubernetes Policy Management

Enables policy management for clusters via the Open Policy Agent (OPA) framework for Kubernetes security and governance


GitOps for Kubernetes

Enables infrastructure orchestration and application deployment through multi-stage, git-triggered pipelines

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